How To Do Carpet Cleaning On Your Own

 Stains, dirt and odors are annoying to everyone, especially when they end up on your carpets. But despite how much you try to avoid them, they always end up ruining your beautiful carpet. This doesn’t have to be the case when you have your carpets professionally cleaned by experts who know all the best techniques to make your carpets and rugs as good as new.

While you should have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year to always have it looking its very best, you can easily do your own carpet cleaning in between. In fact, about 95% of all carpet manufacturers suggest that you should have your carpets professionally steamed cleaned once a year by an IICRC certified carpet cleaner so you can keep the warranty on the carpet.

Carpet care isn’t very hard to do on your own when you know how to do it right. To keep your carpets looking great on a regular basis, you should vacuum at least once a week. This is actually the first defense in keeping your carpet free of dirt that can really damage carpet fibers.

Plan on giving your carpets a thorough cleaning every other month, and more often in areas that are highly used. And if you have light-colored carpets and rugs and if you have kids and pets, expect to do it at least once a month. Make sure to read the manufacturer warranty on how to properly clean it so not to mess up anything. Also investing in your own #steamcarpetcleaning machine might be a good idea if you find yourself having to clean more than once a month.

Steam carpet cleaning machines are also called water extraction units that work by injecting carpets with a cleaning solution and then sucking back up the now dirty solution into the machine. But with any type of carpet cleaning, make sure not to get the carpet too wet or damp because over wetting can actually damage the carpet, cause shrinkage, odor and even discoloration.

Another #carpetcleaning method you can do on your own is the dry extraction method where you spread a dry absorbent compound on the carpet and then vacuum it up with the cleaning machine. Whenever you see dirt or stains on your carpet, treat them immediately so that they don’t set in because when they do, they’re often hard to get out later. Always blot out stains and never rub it, which might actually set the stain in. Blot it with a clean cloth right away and if that doesn’t work, treat the stain with other natural options like soda water, borax or store-bought cleaners (opt for ones that don’t have a lot of chemicals).

 Doing your own carpet care can minimize how often you’ll have to use a professional. When you do need to call in a professional, Full Steam Carpet Cleaning and Restoration will make any old carpet as good as new. They’re one of the best at carpet cleaning in #Orangecounty!

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