Recapture the beauty and extend the life of your favorite sofa, chair or other furniture with TN Interior Services upholstery cleaning .

Our deep down cleaning system will bring back your upholstery’s vibrant colors, beauty and freshness. And like all Full Steam’s services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Furniture uses a wider variety of fabrics, materials and construction than carpet. One cleaning process will not work on all fabric types. Upholstery is NOT something you’d want to trust with an inexperienced cleaning technician. You’ll get a upholstery cleaning technician who knows how to clean your specialty fabric. First, we’ll do a fiber inspection to determine the fiber type. Once we know the fiber we’re cleaning, we’ll be able to safely clean your upholstered furniture. Like with your carpet, we’ll concentrate on drying your upholstery. We’ve learned that much less problems occur with cleaning when the fibers are quickly dried. We’ll spend extra time drying your upholstery. Full Steam Carpet Cleaning & Restoration will let you love your furniture again.

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